Promotional Information available to CMHA members:

  • CMHA Colour Brochure – Promote the Morgan Horse and the CMHA

  • CMHA Poster – Great for promoting your horse show or open barn.

  • Breed Standard Poster – A picture of the ideal Mare and Stallion.

  • Anatomical Chart – the greatest little giveaway for open barns and promotional events.

  • Horsemanship Levels, OYAS – Just for the youth, fun and educational.

  • Part Morgan Brochure – A great promotional tool for the Part Morgan in Canada.

  • The Canadian Morgan Magazine – send in special requests for open barns or promotional events 2 months in advance.

  • Youth Medal Class Rules – a must for youth competing in CMHA Medal classes.

  • By-Laws – available to download (PDF) from CMHA web site or contact the office for a copy.

  • Forms, forms, forms - available to download (PDF) from CLRC web site or contact the office for a copy.

  Let's Get Morganized!!!!

A question that most new owners ask is “What do I get from being a member of the Canadian Morgan Horse Association?” I wish there was a short answer, but there is not. The reasons for belonging are as varied as the versatility of the Morgan Horse. Theodore Roosevelt put it very aptly when he said “Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve the conditions within his sphere.”

An association can do things for you, with your support, expertise and cooperation. Apply the same principle to your business. It can’t do anything for you unless you do something for it. You invest money in a business as well as your time and energy. The degree of success depends on your talents, time and energy even more than the amount of money invested. The same holds true for associations. Your membership fee represents an investment. There are certain functions and services we perform (IE: The Cdn. Morgan magazine, The Registry, Equine Canada Rules, Judges, Conventions, Youth Programs, Promotion, High Point/Versatility, Morgan Trail awards and the CMHA Office) but, to be successful as an association of people, we need the involvement of its members.

These benefits are the result of hard work done by many volunteers. After all, associations are a lot like insurance. When one has no problems, he has no need for insurance. When you do have a problem, and no insurance, it’s too late. We must stand together as one, as those who come face to face with a problem before they join the CMHA is like a person with no insurance watching their house burn down.

With a paid annual or youth membership, you will receive the Canadian Morgan magazine published 4 times as year plus the benefit of discounts when registering, transferring etc. You and your Morgan/Part Morgan can participate in our high point award system and/or the Versatile Morgan Medallion award system and/or the Morgan Trails High Point. You can earn memberships awards for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 & 45 years.

The annual General Meeting is the highlight of the year! Come to the meetings and learn more about the CMHA, meet your hard working board and partake in the future of the association. All adult members have a vote at the annual meeting and at your zone meeting. All youth members vote at their annual meeting plus the varied activities that are planned specifically for youth members.

Suspension List

The following people and entities are suspended from doing business with the CMHA.

Cosburn, Stan, BC
Hedge, Marcia, ON

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