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The 2016 AGM was fabulous, thank you to the committee for hosting and your hard work putting it together! Visit here to see photos!

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The March/April/May issue has been mailed.

March/April/May 2016

This month's cover features
Chile Powder
owned by Dennis & Genevieve Hayes, Bethany, ON

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CMHA Mission Statement:

Covering the whole of Canada, the CMHA was first formed in 1960 and incorporated under the Live Stock Pedigree Act in 1968. The prime function of the association is to administer the registration of the purebred Canadian Morgan and oversee the registration of the Part Morgan horse. Canadian Livestock Records Corp., Ottawa, Ontario, maintains the records for the association, while a board of directors, which includes an elected director from each zone, manages the association.

Mystik's Noble Justice and Kaytlyn MacMurchy.
Owned by Laura MacMurchy.
Photo: Linda Finstad.

CMHA Activities:

CMHA activities include the promotion of the breed, a high point system for show horses, a versatile award system, a trail ride award system, an active Youth agenda, an historical committee, a committee for Equine Canada (equivalent of USEF.) and annual convention.

In support of the Canadian Morgan industry and to introduce the breed to prospective owners, we produce a magazine "The Canadian Morgan". The magazine includes registry items, stories on Morgans and their owners, local club events and other activities of interest to present and future owners of Morgan horses.

Kendra Pittman and CBMF Touchdown.
Photo: Paul LeBlance, PL Photographix.

CMHA History:

In the very early days, Morgans crossed the border but few records were kept. It wasn’t until 1938 that the first Morgan was registered into the General Stud and HerdBook. Mrs. George Monaghan of Hudson Heights, Quebec, imported Upwey Liona, bred by Owen Moon Jr., into Quebec.

In 1968, membership records and registration statistics were officially kept, however, official Morgan rules were printed in the rulebook for showing Morgans in 1962! Our high point system began in 1975 and in 1981 we began blood typing stallions. 1987 saw the first printing of our Registry Volume 1 and we printed Volume 2 three years later. Volume 3 was printed in 1998 and our fourth volume was printed in 2007. All four volumes are available for sale in the CMHA office. You can also go online to www.clrc.ca and view pedigrees and photos!

A major accomplishment for the CMHA occurred in 1985 when we gained Reciprocity with the American registry. Prior to that date, Canadian horses were doubled registered, which was costly and confusing.

In 1994, full parentage verification was required for registering Morgans and the switch was made to DNA in 2001.

In 2012 we will celebrate 43years of the Canadian Morgan Horse Association. The journey has not always been an easy one, but, just like the Morgan breed, we are proud of the accomplishments that have been made and look forward to the next generation of Morgan ownership across this great land of ours.

The Last Viking owned by Laurel Gould.
Photo: Scott Thomas, Mystic Visions Photography.


Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC)

CLRC is a private non-profit organization that has been serving the Canadian livestock industry since 1905. The organization is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act, which is federal legislation that regulates the keeping of all animal pedigree records in Canada. The various breed associations are also incorporated under the same Act, and any association so incorporated may become a member of CLRC.

In 2004, there were 55 member associations for which records are being maintained. In addition, CLRC administers, on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture for Canada, the General Stud and Herd Book for breeds which no association has been formed in Canada. Day to day operation of the records office is the responsibility of the General Manager. CLRC is completely computerized which ensures that CLRC employs the most up-to-date technology available.

Some of the specific duties performed by CLRC for the CMHA are:

  • Registration and Transfer of Morgan Horses and Part Morgan Horses
  • Registration and Transfer of Imports and Exports
  • Membership Records and Blood Typing / DNA Applications
  • Clarification and Reissuing of Registration Certificates
  • Stallion Reports, Castrations Reports, Death Reports, and Prefix registrations

Many of the forms for these service are available on the CMHA Forms Page

For further CLRC information, contact:

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
2417 Holly Lane,
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1V 0M7
613-731-7110 ext. 311 for Mavis MacDonald, Morgan Registrar
Toll Free 877-833-7110
Fax 613-731-0704
Email: clrc@clrc.ca

Visit the CLRC Web Page




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