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The CMHA is pleased to offer a multitude of award programs. Whether you are a competitor, trail rider, show open or Morgan shows, own a purebred or part bred, we have something for you!

For a lifetime fee per horse of only $40, you can be eligible to receive year end awards and accumulate points towards your horse's Justin Morgan medallion. The Owner/Lessee MUST be a current CMHA member in the year the points are to count. 

The deadline to have forms submitted to the CMHA office is November 15th.


How to Enter:

Download a CMHA High Point Application below or use the new Online entry form to send in your points. 

Awards: (Morgan, Part-Morgan & Morgan Ambassador)

1. Zone Awards by Division
2. National Awards by Division 
3. Life time Cumulative Awards (Justin Morgan Honour Awards)

High Point Rules:



Online Forms

Coming Soon!






Morgan Trail Awards


Morgan Trail Awards are designed to acknowledge and reward

owners of Morgan horses and Part Morgan horses who consistently promote the Morgan to equine lovers who use their horses for trail riding and driving.

One time $25.00 registration fee for the lifetime of the horse. How to Enter: A one time Registration fee must be submitted to the

CMHA office before points will count.  Download forms below.

Versatile Morgan Medallion Award (VMMA) 

The Versatile Morgan Medallion Award was designed to encourage participation of CMHA members in a variety of activities, focusing on promotion of the Morgan Horse Versatility in a variety of non-traditional areas. 

The CMHA acknowledges and rewards the owners and their Morgans for their participation in activities outside the show ring. The CMHA feels these horses are acting as Morgan ambassadors to the general public and prospective owners and should be recognized for their efforts. The emphasis of this award is on participation, not competition.

One time $40.00 registration fee for the lifetime of the horse. Download forms below.

Downloadable Forms:

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