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Registry and Rules

The Purebred and Part bred registries are maintained by the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation in Ottawa, Ontario. The Morgan Registrar is: Pamela Pearson (613) 731-7110 EXT: 311

Fax:(613) 731-0704 or 



The CMHA has a Registry Chairperson who acts as a liaison to CLRC and can help resolve issues that arise from time to time. Our registry Chairperson is Candas Rolls 

The CMHA Registry Rules are available as a PDF download. They were last updated June 2014. 

The CMHA has Reciprocity with the following Associations:

British Morgan Horse Society

Swedish Morgan Horse Association

American Morgan Horse Association
Erica Richards

The Morgan Horse Association Of Australia



Definition of Reciprocity:

Reciprocity is the mutual recognition of certificates of registration for full blooded Morgan horses issued by Registries around the world that have established reciprocal agreements with the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA.)

Terms of Reciprocity:

Every two years the AMHA will review or inspect approved registries to ensure they are meeting AMHA standards.

If corrective action is required, the foreign registry must act immediately to make recommended improvements. If this is not done, the AMHA may set a date and render unacceptable any or all certificates issued from that registry.

To maintain reciprocity, recognized registries will adopt all changes in eligibility requirements for registration as approved by the AMHA Board. AMHA will not make changes without advance notification to foreign registries. Foreign registries will be given the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes before any changes will be implemented.

Conditions of Reciprocity:

All eligibility and registration requirements used by the AMHA will be adhered to by any foreign registry maintaining reciprocity.

Provisions will be made for the intent of all other AMHA Rules of the Registry to be accomplished within the framework of a foreign registry.

Foreign registries will use a mutually uniform set of procedures, including if possible the use of computers for cross checking colours, gestation periods, etc.

Registries with reciprocal privileges will employ non-political, disinterested professional registrars or directors of the registry services to administer the registries in a non-discriminatory manner.

Procedures to ensure non-duplication of names and registered prefixes are required.

Each Morgan horse in each country would, as of a certain date, carry only one registration certificate. This certificate will be issued by the registry in the country in which the owner resides at, a) the time of foaling, or b) in the case of transfers, the effective date of transfer. Owners wishing to register with another approved registry may send the original registration certificate to that registry. The registration will be recorded and the certificate stamped with the registration number and returned to the recorded owners(s).

A worldwide registry committee made up a representative from each registry, will meet when called by any one member. The meeting will be held at the time and location of the AMHA annual meeting. In the absence of an International Committee meeting, the AMHA Registrar should annually correspond with the members of the Committee.

Horses foaled in a country not having reciprocity with the AMHA must be registered with the AMHA. They cannot be granted registration indirectly though a foreign registry.

Reciprocal registries will adopt the AMHA's diligence for maintaining pedigree accuracy and adhere to the AMHA breed philosophy regarding breed versatility.

The breed will be known as and promoted as the THE MORGAN HORSE.

The breed will be documented by publication of a stud book in some format at regular intervals.

The cost of an AMHA inspection of a foreign registry will be borne by the foreign registry.

An application for reciprocity will be accompanied by the application fee as determined by the AMHA.

The international reciprocity agreement may be retroactive as long as blood typing qualifies the ancestry to AMHA registered parents.

Revised (as of November 1997) reciprocity agreement.


CMHA Registered Farm Prefixes

AMHA keeps a complete list of both Canadian and US prefixes. The AMHA has registered approximately 7,800 entries. CLRC has registered 770 Canadian prefixes. Note that some prefixes were registered in both countries before the original Reciprocity agreement was signed between CMHA and AMHA in 1984. 

Please feel free to contact CLRC office with your planned prefix so we can let you know if it's available. AMHA will have the most up to date list and will be the final check. A check of the AMHA Registry can also reveal if a horse name begins with a given prefix. 

Registrations and Transfers Numbers

At the end of 1967, 399 purebred Morgans had been registered.
At the end of 1970, 37 part bred Morgans had been registered.
At the end of 1999, 2,070 part bred Morgans had been registered.
At the end of 1999, 11,423 purebred Morgans had been registered.

At the end of 2004, 2,314 part bred Morgans had been registered.
At the end of 2004, 14,102 purebred Morgans had been registered.

At the end of 2008, 2,450 part bred Morgans had been registered.
At the end of 2008, 15,888 purebred Morgans had been registered. 

At the end of 2014, 2,548 part bred Morgans had been registered.
At the end of 2014, 17,361 purebred Morgans had been registered.

Registry Books 

The CMHA currently has three volumes of Canadian registered Morgans. 

  • Volume 1 contains all horses with registration numbers form 1 to 4584. 

  • Volume 2 contains all horses with registration numbers from 4585 to 7065. Contains photos of famous Morgans. 

  • Volume 3 contains all horses with registration numbers from 7066 to 10703. Contains 24 photos of famous Morgans. 

  • Volume 4 contains all horses with registration numbers from 10704 to 14102. Contains 20 photos of famous Morgans.. 

Click here for the order form or contact the CMHA office and state your full address and how many of each volume you would like. US customers, please contact the office for dollar conversion. We accept cheques and money orders. We also accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. 


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